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6 things to do when you move into your new home
Moving into a new home is an exciting time. The feeling of new beginnings and the world of possibilities at your feet abounds as you embark on a journey either by yourself or with your family in tow.

CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate, Mike Greeff, says while new home buyers find much excitement in the buying of their property and may be tired after a few long days of moving, there are some must-do things before turning in that first night. Following a checklist of important things will not only give you peace of mind as you go to bed, but will ensure the home remains safe throughout the night.

Greeff provides a checklist of things to do as soon as you move in:

1. Change the locks

This is highly important as it ties into securing your home. It is advisable to have a locksmith look at the locks on the home before you move in, if possible, so that you are aware of what needs to be changed. Changing the locks are a priority as you may not be aware of who has keys to your newly-bought property.

2. Check the plumbing

Nothing can be more uprooting than things going awry with plumbing early on into the buying. Upon moving in, and even before buying, ensure all plumbing is as it should be. Test all faucets and ask as many questions as you can so you are aware of any deficiencies the home may have.

3. Unpack one box of important items

Nothing could be more frustrating than the end of an exhausting day with no idea where your toothbrush or soap could be. Be sure to pack one box of essential items, including a pressed, clean set of clothing for you and your family, toothbrushes, soap and anything else you may need to get your day off to a successful start. Mark that box clearly so that finding it in the midst of quagmire is not too difficult.

4. Set up your home security

Whether it is a home alarm or something a little more complex, take the time to make sure your home security is set up and working. Meet with your local armed response team or neighbourhood watch and be sure to check that the motor in your gate is working fully with a spare set of batteries on hand in case of emergency.

5. Check your smoke detector’s batteries

It may not be the best topic to give thought to, but it is vital to be prepared in the event of a fire. Replace the batteries in your smoke detector and keep an unused, spare set on hand. Faulty batteries could be the tiebreaker in a terrifying experience.

6. Identify where your electricity box and geyser are situated

Knowing where your electricity box and geyser are situated will make a difference in the event of the power running low. Doing this will spare you the efforts of waking up to a house where the electricity has run out or water has not heated.


While the list seems simple, if followed correctly, will offer you a peaceful and pleasant first night in your brand-new home, says Greeff.

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